Get your Kubernetes costs under control


  • Track the exact total cost of ownership for each pod, service, namespace, and team
  • Implement fair chargeback for services running in the cluster
  • No more guesstimates or homebrew spreadsheets


  • Get specific advice to reduce the costs of your clusters and applications
  • Identify high-priority targets for optimization
  • Determine the optimal resource requests and limits

Financial health summary

Gain visibility into the cost breakdown for clusters across clouds and gauge the potential savings.

Exact cost of each workload

Understand the exact cost of each workload.
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Chargebacks for dev teams

Generate accurate bills for internal chargebacks. Bill your dev teams fairly for the resources they consume.

Efficiency assessment

Easily identify expensive and inefficient workloads and get optimization recommendations.

Optimal Pod Sizing

Set the request and limit values recommended by Untab to reduce the cost and avoid resource starvation.

The cloud and on-prem

Use Untab with Kubernetes clusters in the cloud or on-premise. The reports can be based on public prices, actual bills from AWS/EKS or GCP/GKE, or a custom price sheet.
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All plans come with unlimited seats and email support. The prices are in US dollars.


$100 /month
  • 100 cores


$500 /month
  • 500 cores


$1,000 /month
  • 1,000 cores


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  • 1,000+ cores

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