Infrastructure capacity and cost analytics for Kubernetes

Let us deal with the math of shared infrastructure


Cost analytics

  • Know true cost of each service
  • Discover the cost of each API call
  • Find out the most/least efficient use of infrastructure by service

Fair billing

  • Split cost of infrastructure between teams
  • Evaluate and predict each team's spending

Efficiency improvements

  • Optimize pod sizing
  • Find cost-efficient cloud instance types
  • Fit provisioned storage and other resources according to actual needs

Powerful modeling

Powered by machine learning techniques

Predictive analytics

Entirely data-driven

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feature img

Proven methodology

Mathematically accurate algorithms

Battle-tested with large deployments

Dashboards and reports designed for engineers and managers

Seamless integration

Non-invasive, simple installation in existing Kubernetes clusters

Native support for billing in AWS, Azure, GCP, and on-premise

Data and reports available as CSV, JSON, or XLS

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